Naren Belos

Gene D.'s human Chatos Paladin for Jason E.R.'s "Star Wars: Rise of the Republic"


Player Character: “Naren Belos”

  • Species/nationality: Corellian Human (+1 free Edge)
  • Gender: Male; Age: 29
  • Occupation: Chatos Paladin
  • Rank: Seasoned
  • Description: Young Force user and knight errant devoted to protecting the weak (looks like Karl Urban in Doom.)
    • Eyes: Green, Skin: Fair, Hair: Dark brown
    • Height: 5 ft., 8 in., Weight: 160 lb.

Attributes (d4 + 5 pts.):

  • Agility: d6
  • Smarts: d4
  • Spirit: d10
  • Strength: d4
  • Vigor: d8

Derived Stats:

  • Charisma (0+edges/hindrances): 0
  • Pace (6" average): 6"
  • Parry (AC; 2+1/2 Fighting): 7
  • Toughness (2+1/2 Vigor; vs. damage): 5 + 3 armor = 9


  • Wounds: -1, -2, -3 (shaken), -4 (incapacitated)
  • Fatigue: -2, -1

Hindrances (2 minor, 1 major):

  • Code of Honor (major) — Chatos Academy, egalitarian
  • Enemy (minor) — Slavers
  • Heroic (minor) — Defend the innocent, seek justice

Edges (+1, human):

  • Arcane Background (Force-sensitive)
  • Force Tradition (style) — Paladin of the Chatos Academy
  • Adaptable (human) — Wealthy

Bennies: 3

Skills (15 to start; +1d6 Wild Die)

  • Fighting (Agility): d10
  • Force (Arcane/Spirit): d10 (This skill represents your understanding of the Force, and how to manipulate it, or understand it desires and follow them. This skill is used to activate the Force powers, and it can be used to achieve minor Force feats. A character with Force skill can make the following actions at no penalty (no negative modifier):
    • A Disturbance in the Force: The character concentrates on feeling the flow of the Force around him, noticing changes in it. The character may notice places or beings strong in the Force on a successful roll. On a Raise, he may pinpoint the place where the disturbance came or understand the overall level of Force connection of someone.
    • The Energy Between: The character may attempt to move and manipulate small objects weighing up to 2 kg per Success and Raise. This functions as the legerdemain power in all respects as well. The range for this skill is Spirit. Moving more massive objects requires Power Points using the Telekinesis power.
    • Hear My Thoughts: The character may send brief thoughts to others. Only a short word or idea may be sent at one time. Things like “Danger!” “Help!” or “It’s a Trap!” The difficulty is increased by the distance to the receptor of the thought.
    • Search your Feelings: Make a roll to determine if a course of action will have a favorable outcome. It takes one minute to use this skill this way. This only shows near future repercussions and not the long-term consequences of your actions.
    • Use the Force: All Force users have limited precognition. By spending a Power Point, the character may defend against ranged attacks as if they were melee attacks (Parry instead of TN 4).
  • Healing (Smarts): d4
  • Piloting (Agility): d8
  • Riding (Agility): d6
  • Shooting (Agility): d4
  • Survival (Spirit): d4

Other skills (* — to get?):

  • Boating (Agility):
  • Climbing (Strength): *
  • Computers (Smarts):
  • Driving (Agility): *
  • Faith (Spirit):
  • Gambling (Smarts):
  • Guts (Spirit):
  • Healing (Smarts):
  • Intimidation (Spirit):
  • Investigation (Smarts):
  • Knowledge (Smarts, by specialty):
  • Notice (Smarts): *
  • Persuasion (Smarts): *
  • Repair (Smarts):
  • Stealth (Agility): *
  • Streetwise (Smarts): *
  • Swimming (Agility): *
  • Taunt (Smarts):
  • Throwing (Agility):
  • Tracking (Smarts):
  • Weird Science (Smarts):
    (d4 = 1 pt., d6 = 2 pts., d8 = 3 pts., d10 = 4 pts., d12 = 5 pts.)

Language: High Galactic

Powers: 3

  • Power Points: 10
  • Force Grip
    • Rank: Novice
    • Power Points: 3
    • Range: Spirit
    • Duration: 1 (1/round)
      You extend your hand and choke the air, while your target floats nearby choking. Force Grip allows you to grapple the throat of your enemies and crush it, suffocating or killing them. If your Force use is successful, you inflict 2d6 initial damage and grapple your target. Every turn afterwards that you maintain the power, you inflict your Spirit in damage as you crush the larynx. Your target may attempt to escape by making a Strength roll against your Spirit. On a Success, he is free, and on a Raise, he may act normally that turn. You may move up to your pace while maintaining this power, but cannot make any other action. If you are shaken or wounded, you lose the grapple on your target.
  • Force Push
    • Rank: Seasoned
    • Power Points: 2
    • Range: Cone
    • Duration: Instant
      You push the air, forcing objects back, allowing you to knock down your enemies. The power functions as pummel in all respects.
  • Mind Trick
    • Rank: Novice
    • Power Points: 3
    • Range: Smarts
    • Duration: Instant
      A wave of the hand and a well-placed word. Mind trick allows you to make an unbelievable suggestion, as long as it does not threaten the welfare of the target. Make an opposed Force vs. Spirit roll. On a success, the target believes your lie or follows your suggestion as if it were his idea. You may also make small auditory illusions that distract your target. Make a Force roll, on success your target is distracted (all rolls at -2, -4 with Raise) for one round.
  • Surge
    • Rank: Novice/Seasoned
    • Power Points: Special
    • Range: Self
    • Duration: 3 (2/round)
      Surge allows you to become a blur of superhuman speed and agility.
    • Running (Novice, 1): Success doubles pace, a raise makes running a free action negating the -2 running penalty.
    • Jumping (Novice, 2): Each success and raise equals a jump 2’’ (4 meters) vertically.
    • Quickness (Seasoned, 4): Two actions per turn with no penalty, on raise also discard initiative card of 8 or lower and redraw.


  • Lightsaber (2d8, armor piercing 10; worth 9.3k credits, 1 lb.)
  • 411 Holdout blaster (2d4 damage, Range 24/48/96, 350 cr., 1 lb.)
  • Blaster rifle (2d8, 50/100/200, 900 cr., R/2 hands, 4 lb. )


  • all-temperature cloak (100 credits, 1 lb.)
  • armored robes (+3, 4,500 cr., 10 lb.), plus helmet
  • comlink, short-range (25 cr., 0.1 lb.)
  • cred stick (100 cr., 0.1 lb.)
  • grapnel (50 cr., 2 lb.)
  • liquid cable dispenser (10 cr., 0.2 lb.)
  • medpack (for ship; 100 cr., 1 lb.)
  • ration packs (5 cr., 0.1 lb. each)
  • robes, formal and casual, green (5 lbs.)

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

About 25,000 standard cycles before the Battle of Yavin, the young Republic is expanding and seeking new member worlds. Not yet aware of the Hutt Empire or other threats, the Republic sends out emissaries to explore the galaxy, solve problems, and invite planets to join it….

Naren Belos was born to a family on Corellia that had grown wealthy from building space ships with the (then) newly discovered hyperdrives. He demonstrated Force talents and was sent to the Chatos Academy on Palawa. That order believed in sharing the benefits of knightly training with all, unlike the more aristocratic Jedi or other organizations.

In time, Naren trained with the Chatos masters and became a knight errant. A strong believer in compassion, the young Paladin hates slavers. He then joined troubleshooting missions to help the Republic expand….

Sir Naren has also escorted Calle Mariel from Vexillation Primus back to the Chatos Academy, which was debating how to approach the Jedi order and the Republic….

Other Chatos members:

  • Sir Tetrix Olomon, Lord Militant, head of the order
  • Sir Vivius Kail, Grand Marshal, head of the knights-errant, advocate of “Path of Fate” — aligning with the Herglic Empire
  • Sir Gravis Zant, Keeper of Kindness, emeritus, advocate of the “Path of Fate”
  • Sir Hemel Zad, Seneschal, head of the Paladins, proponent of “One With the Force” — unification with the Jedi order
  • Sir Sebias Korr, Knight Commander, head of the academy and Sentinels, proponent of “One With the Force”
  • Sir Derian Korr, Baliff, head of the pages, proponent of “One With the Force”
  • Lady Magratha Arlis, Keeper of Kindness, emeritus, favors “Palawa Ascendant,” joining with the Followers of Palawa
  • Lady Andara Arkel, Strategos, head of the squires, favors “Palawa Ascendant”

Player Characters for Jason E.R.’s “Star Wars: Rise of the Republic” Boston-area, space opera campaign, using Savage Worlds, as of autumn 2018:

  • Sir Naren Belos (Gene D.): male Corellian human Chatos Paladin, altruistic and determined knight errant piloting the Silver Sea for the young galactic Republic
  • Rylan Tiburon (Beruk A.): male human gunslinger, bold descendant of Zell once enslaved by the Tong
  • Zerrak Terrayne (Bruce K.): male Zeltron (attractive, red-skinned humanoid) Jedi knight, impetuous envoy
  • Belladonna Terrayne (Rich C.G.): female Zeltron Disciple of the Whills, older sister of Zerrak, alluring templar
  • Londa Marr (Brian S.): female Miraluka (blind humanoid) Luka Sene (Force user similar to Baran Do) stealthy attache
  • Torin Chell (Drew S.): male Kuati human Noble, older inventor looking for resources to help the Republic
  • Ambergill Hondo (Byron V.O./absent ): male Balmora human, follower of Palawa (unarmed monk)
  • Fendi Xor (Brian W./absent ): male Bith (bald humanoid) Dai Bendu (ascetic monk), well-traveled within the Republic


Naren Belos

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